Freitag, 13. Mai 2016

Happy 9th birthday - a357-9

Hey ladies
the last days have been so stressful and again I have a new injury :-( I have a whiplash again :-( My granny's partner caused a little accident and I sat on the passenger seat. The car slew round and I (and my Mom) felt the pain right away. So I have a headache since last Wednesday, a bad headache, pain killers only work a short time. My neck and part of my back also hurt so much. :-( but it's getting better each day so all should be fine soon.

So today I had to make a card because it's my nephew's birthday today. I made this card for him. 

I saw the candles on our supermarket this week so I bought them and knew this year he's going to get a candle-birthday-cake card. 

And of course I couldn't do the card without stitching so I used Ann's pattern as it fits perfectly to the card.

I also used this Morehead 3D image. I realized that it's the last sheet I had so I ordered some new Morehead sheets right away :-)

He really loves the card :-)

Well, have a great weekend.

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