Mittwoch, 4. November 2015

Happy Hallow.... outch ...

hey ladies
just a short note. Halloween was on Saturday. I really enjoy making all the deco for Halloween but this year it wasn't such a good day.

I finished carving the pumpkins and got Hugo ready for his big day :-) and then it happened. Before I tell you about it I'd like to show you the pictures I was able to take - I couldn't take all pics so there are only the following ones:

and this is Hugo :-) He shakes his head, his eyes are shining and makes spooky sounds.

so, I wanted to take pics of the halloween deco when  suddenly fell :-( It was so bad that I laid on the asphalt and couldn't get up. At the same time I realized how fast my ankle got swollen. My mom helped me to get into the house and I was so shocked about what I've seen. It was so painful.

So to cut a long story short - I had to go to the surgeon. I had a torn ligament :-(

March 23rd 2016: I'M updating the blog and can tell you what happened meanwhile: I went to the surgeon a couple of times. The doc wrote me of sick until Jan4th 2016. I had lots of trouble with the foot and my ankle. Icouldn't drive my car until the middle of February. Next  week it's been 5 months ago and I still have problems, I can't use stairs proberly, I still hobble around and I still can't put weight on the foot. 

I couldn't move my toes until the beginning of February and had oedema in my toes and my foot. That was so painful :-( It has gone now and it's healing now, but it takes so long. I had to lay on my couch until the beginning of December and had to wear an ankle brace brace until Xmas Eve :-(. 

I really hope it heals soon as I really got depressed, just didn't do anything at all, didn't turn on thecomputer for days which is quite unusual. I'm feeling a lot better since I was able to stop taking the strong pain killer and the main thing is that I got my stitching mojo back  :-)

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