Montag, 14. April 2014

weekend is over

Hello  ladies
the weekend is finally over. I didn't manage to stitch, I had so many plans but didn't do anything.
I did something which I wanted to do for so long.

Look what I did:

and opened:

It has 2 floors, my guinea pigs always ate my bunnie's fur so I had to
seperate them. I got the bunny from someone who did neglect the bunny, I think
he also hit the bunny and didn't feed him on a regular basis. So he always wanted to
be alone, he just felt better alone. So I had two cages, now I have only one :-)

They seem to like their new home :-)

And before I go to bed here is a brandnew picture of Nellie and Misty. Do you remember them?
I got them at the beginning of September 2011

Well ladies, time to go now. Have a fantastic week.
I'm still home this week so I will try to stitch a few cards.

Have a great start into the new week.

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