Dienstag, 28. August 2012

changed the look of my blog

hello ladies
after a long time without stitching lots of cards I finally managed to update my blog. It also got a new background and a new header.

Some posts are in German only but try to translate them soon. There are a few cards I need to do first.

I really missed stitching like I did before but I can say now: YEAAAH; I'm back, haha

I had to finish that wedding newspaper for my friend and after that I started updating all blogs and made lots of flowers for my cards. Also did some Xmas flowers so now I can start with my Xmas card production.

I'm way too late this year so I really have to hurry and try to make some Xmas cards this week.
Well, gotta go now, I have an appointment in 30 mins :-)

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